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Quick Tips

Here is a quick tutorial explaining how to run Dingo. It will be replaced with more complete explanation later. Currently, dingo runs in dos shell and doesn't have a GUI yet.

  1. open a new dos shell
  2. change directory to the location of dingo. Example: "cd c:\temp\dingo\bin\debug\"
  3. "dingo po.xsd"
The default configuration will out put 1 file for each class and put it in a "/test/" directory. In the mean time, I've checked in a sample project in the "samples/" directory. SampleBuilder provides a simple example of how to generate alternative logic for methods.

Mono tips

To use Dingo with Mono, you will need to use the full path of where dingo is. In the next few days, i will write a simple .bat script to use Dingo with Mono.

c:\Mono\1.0.1\bin\mono c:/eclipse3/workspace/dingo/core/bin/debug/dingo.exe po.xsd

If you try using relative path, it will not work. For example: c:\Mono\1.0.1\bin\mono ./dingo.exe po.xsd Logo
Copyright 2004 Peter Lin