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Jingo - Java code generation

For those who want to compile XML schema into java code, Jingo is a new executable. It uses the existing code and generates the necessary directories. Currently, Jingo does not handle enums, since jdk1.4.2 and older do not support enum. I haven't decided on how to handle enums, so for now I've left it out.

In the dingo/bin/ directory, there is a new executable named Jingo.exe.

I'll use the geneology schema included in the distribution as an example.

  1. open a dos shell
  2. cd to [dingo]/bin
  3. type "jingo geneology.xsd"
  4. open windows explorer
  5. select [dingo]/bin directory
  6. there should be a directory named "test"
  7. select the test directory
  8. select the geneology directory and move it to your project. Note: if you change the output directory to the location of your project, you don't need to move the files over manually.

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